When you don’t have the time to put
into building your own website,
taking images and editing video,
that’s when you call me.
I build websites that tell stories in unique,
interactive ways, at a price thats much better
than the rest.




Projects I'm itching to talk about.

About Bradley

Owner, Founder, Does Everything


Who is this fella?

The purpose of Minim is to offer outstanding creative services for the small businesses that need it to cost less so they can pay the insane rent etc.... I use the profits to make my content better, more affordable and to take care of my super supportive wife and kiddos.

The Good Lord is our rock, our peace and our purpose. Everything I make and person I help is a little thank you to Him for the breathes it took to do it and the joy He puts in it.

I'm from Rogers, AR, live in Bentonville. It's a good life.

How did you learn design?

All over the place. I've been building websites for about 10 years. I used to suck at it, but now I'm doing things most companies can't around here.

I learned the basics of code from the boys on the tech team at Walton Family Foundation, beginning when they were their own company called Silvermoon Consulting. Austin, Mark, Jonny & Jesse are a dream team. Working with them taught me that you really have to find the tools that allow you to work like there's 5 of you to be good at what you do.

If it wasn't for them seeing my creative need and pushing me to go work at Downtown Bentonville Inc, I may not have ever learned design. I was the designer / developer / videographer / photographer at DBI for 6 years. I was the one man design, print and web development team. It was really fun and gave me a space to create anything based on the need I see. Plus I got to see it all out in public and that was pretty rewarding. I continue to manage their website and help them with anything they need.


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